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I'm watching Bones tonight, waiting for Veronica Mars, and the victim in the cold open was identified by a surgical pin. As they said this, I realized, "Wow. Should I die without ID, the little pin remaining in my ankle will identify me." Good to know.  No need for me to write my SSN on my skin, or outdated dental records, I'm already tagged. Here's hoping I won't be found dead with no identification. Oh, and, the episode is set in the sewers. I kept waiting for Buffy to show up, or some oozing monster. Huh.

I've only gotten 3 surveys back for Slayerfest. There was one suggestion I really liked, and it was to pick up the series where we left off last year. I like this especially since, well, it means less work for me on trivia, which is where a good chunk of the work lies.  With 3 voters, I've got *less* clarity on the "spotlight" episodes than I did before. If you've not voted, I'm going to post this again, but, I'm going to need to figure it out, well, soonish, I think. http://www.living-stories.com/stuff/slayerfest06.html.

The DSL might finally be fixed. It only took about a month, and 7 home visits, and a million calls. This time, they removed 2000 feet of unused cable.

Life affirms itself.  Welcome to Liam. Yay! 

Good to see [personal profile] toosuto, even under tragic circumstances. 

I'm finding it hard to stay motivated to get work done right now.  I'm also having moments of doubt, again, about this job. 

I'm hungry. 

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History and its ripples is lingering in the forefront of my brain today, so, I thought I'd share the thoughts that are in there. 

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I’ve been behind all week, and, all I could think about for today’s column was to write about some things that I was thinking about today, at the funeral mass for Dave and afterwards.

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My apologies for failing to get anything substantial posted Thursday or Friday. I guess it’s best just to admit I’m human. Here’s what I’d originally planned for Thursday’s installment.

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I'll be back to post a Friday-flavored something, after I get some dinner, and, um, write something.

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Thursdays and Fridays are already feeling like the most difficult part of this new writing regimen. I’d wanted Thursdays to be nice, serious, think-pieces: philosophical, analytical, brilliant little pearls of insight. The problem? No idea what to write about this week. And, as I’ve been ransacking my brain to come up with something, I can see this becoming all-too-common occurrence. And, don’t get me started about Fridays. Who knows what Fridays will be about?  Ideas, suggestions, taunts – all welcome.


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