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I think this is likely to be counted as one of the best Slayerfests, despite the, uh, propane debaucle. 

I started the day with breakfast, and we had a crowd of 18, with "special guests," and   it was a very good way to start the day. I ran home, and put some finishing touches on things, and soon had guests. 

For each episode, those present talked about each episode, and what they liked, and it was a good discussion, not only of the stuff shown, but, of TV in general. For those that weren't there, I'm going to mention each of the choices I made, and why I made them,   
On the trivia front, Kevin and Rhiannon were the big winners. For third place,  [personal profile] arwensouthand  [profile] de_gonzactake the honors. (The prize fairy will be visiting).

Anyway, all-in-all, a good day. 

Oh! BTW: I'm considering moving the event-commonly-known-as-Slayerfest to, well, November. Any thoughts on this?
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I'm not a huge fan of Halloween, which might be something of a surprise.  I tied for the win in Halloween trivia at work, and there was a fun prize, a nice highlight of what has been an exhausting week. I've worked late every night this week (like until 11/12 at night).So, I took tonight off. In keeping with our Halloween tradition, we headed to the movies. My sister hadn't seen The Nightmare Before Christmas, so we went. Had no idea that the re-release was a 3-D thing.  3-D has come a long way.  It was fun.

I come home to learn about the new TV project with Joss Whedon, Eliza Dushku and Tim Minear? Really? Awesome. I was not expecting that. I'm shocked. And thrilled.

Pushing Daisies continues to be my favorite new show of the season. I couldn't stop laughing at tonight's "Jock-off."

I've taken a lovely hot bath, and now, I'm going to bed.
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I've been typing this in fits and starts, offline, for almost 4 weeks. It's long. 

Reunion )

Work )

Misc. )

I think this is officially my longest post ever...
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Here're my thoughts on Fox's lovely package of pilots. While it may only be me, I was excited by the fact that some of these were unfinished, so, there were scenes still with file labels on them, missing FX shots and "filler" screens. It's sorta fun to peak into the production process. 

In summary, the comedies were terrible, and it makes me even more depressed that "Arrested Development" got cancelled. The shows I enjoyed most were House, Bones, and, I was surprised, Vanished. Behind the cut, there is a minor spoiler for House.  Most people seemed to be most curious about Bones, and I thought this episode was quite good (I will admit, I've not watched all of the 1st season).



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Before I mention my cool mail, an update.

My new nephew got to go home from the hospital yesterday. Many thanks for all your thoughts, prayers and encouragment. At birth, he was 7 lbs 9 oz, and 20 inches, which is almost exactly the size his Aunt Kate was. Quite respectable. I'm not sure if they every figured out what was causing his irregular test results, or other issues, but, he's doing pretty well.   

Okay. I can't stand withholding it any more. I got a mailing from Fox today with all of their Fall premieres on DVD. That's right. House. Bones. Standoff. Prison Break. Vanished. Justice. It's beautifully packaged, and it's a week before the earliest of them premieres. And I get to watch them *Now.*  Without commercials. I'm so thrilled. This just made premiere season so much easier. I feel like an actual TV VIP. Legally received screeners. Woot! 
meme )
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"Veronica Mars" got renewed! 
The slight wrinkle is that they do have the option of reducing their 22 episode order to 13. We're not going to think about that. 

I'm not sure why, but, upfronts this year haven't really excited me too much. 

Here's a quick rundown:

Cancelled: Invasion, Surface, Everwood, Four Kings,  Jake in Progress, Joey and a bunch of others., of course. I'm not particularly tearful about any of them.

NBC's into shows with numbers in the titles: Sorkin's "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip",  "30 Rock," and "20 Good Years." I'm slightly interested in Sorkin's show, which will have Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford, but the others sound eh. Actually, of NBC's pick-ups, I'm most interested in "Heroes," which is about ordinary people with super powers. At mid-season, I'm slightly intereted in "The Singles Table," which is a comedy about a group of singles stuck together at a dark table based solely on their single-ness at a wedding reception. They become friends, wackiness ensues.

ABC has a mis-mash of stuff, I think I'm only vaguely interested in "Brothers and Sisters," which has Calista Flockhart and Ron Rifkin. There's also more from JJ Abrams in the form of "Six Degrees," which is a tale about intertwined lives. Sounds sorta like "Lost" without the island.

Most everything else, well, I'm finding it hard to be excited about.

Surprises: ABC kept "What About Brian?" There are rumors of a Camden resurrection. Sigh.

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So, while my life is still oddly in a weirdo limbo, and I can't seem to really feel enthusiastic about much of anything, there's the news that Battlestar Galactica will have a spanki' new spin-off, called Caprica. It's a prequel. Don't believe me? Well, look at the link, Mr. Doubty Pants.

Of course, the we hit May sweeps, which is going to be crazy, and, also, then upfronts. If you aren't up on it, there are 2 episodes left until the season ends for Veronica Mars, and Gilmore Girls, and then, to make our lives miserable, the 2 hour 24 season finale is on against the 2 hour Alias series finale. I guess it's somewhat fitting, since they debuted the same year. And, while it's not been in top form, Alias of the last few weeks feels much more like Alias of old. For good and ill. That wacky Drew Goddard. 

In other news, I'm thinking it might be time to have short hair again.  Any thoughts?

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I'm watching Bones tonight, waiting for Veronica Mars, and the victim in the cold open was identified by a surgical pin. As they said this, I realized, "Wow. Should I die without ID, the little pin remaining in my ankle will identify me." Good to know.  No need for me to write my SSN on my skin, or outdated dental records, I'm already tagged. Here's hoping I won't be found dead with no identification. Oh, and, the episode is set in the sewers. I kept waiting for Buffy to show up, or some oozing monster. Huh.

I've only gotten 3 surveys back for Slayerfest. There was one suggestion I really liked, and it was to pick up the series where we left off last year. I like this especially since, well, it means less work for me on trivia, which is where a good chunk of the work lies.  With 3 voters, I've got *less* clarity on the "spotlight" episodes than I did before. If you've not voted, I'm going to post this again, but, I'm going to need to figure it out, well, soonish, I think. http://www.living-stories.com/stuff/slayerfest06.html.

The DSL might finally be fixed. It only took about a month, and 7 home visits, and a million calls. This time, they removed 2000 feet of unused cable.

Life affirms itself.  Welcome to Liam. Yay! 

Good to see [personal profile] toosuto, even under tragic circumstances. 

I'm finding it hard to stay motivated to get work done right now.  I'm also having moments of doubt, again, about this job. 

I'm hungry. 

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Here are my initial thoughts about the new and returning fall shows:

Hidding )

Also, while I was, on the whole, annoyed by the Emmys, a few things were highly cool. Cut, again )

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Fox is breaking it's own speedy cancellation records. Head Cases has been axed after 2, count them, 2 airings. Wow. Ouch. So, unforgiving. What did it expect? It was on opposite Lost!

I'll write a recap of my television thoughts soon. I've been working on columns to apply for that RMN job.

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It's time for the TV version of spring training. The fall season is starting to kick into high-gear, with new shows and old favorites. I had to make a calendar to keep track of it all, and will be using 2 VCRs. I'm clearly nuts. I'm hopeful that a few of the shows will stink, so that I can safely take them off my list.

The Rundown: )

Summer TV

Jul. 19th, 2005 08:50 pm
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I won’t even pretend to be shocked at the Emmy nominations, and for every one thing they got right, there are at least two things that are frustrating and inexplicable. Admittedly, I was most pleased that David Fury was nominated for Lost, and, looking at the other episodes nominated in the writing category, I actually think he’ll probably win.

Random Thoughts )

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I think Tuesday might be the easiest night of the week. I had this half written last week.

Summer is generally a slow time in the TV world. In general, I’m very appreciative of that fact. But, TV’s changing, and the doldrums of summer aren’t nearly so bad as they used to be.

More summer TV )

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No, seriously. Tuesday too packed for you? No, we'll change that to Wednesdays. Fox and UPN have announced their schedules. And, made my life miserable.

Take a peek at the Misery )

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And, I'm sad about that. It was a good show. I'd have liked another season.

TV's taken a decided turn for the "Lost." All the nets are putting in at least one show with supernatural/mystery elements to them, and hoping one will be a Lost. ABC seems to be trying to kill Alias, putting it opposite The OC AND Survivor. Maybe they're mad at Jennifer Garner.

 Other CBS news )

UPN and FOX go tomorrow.

ABC and WB

May. 17th, 2005 03:08 pm
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Well, ABC's moving stuff around. "Alias" is moving to Thursdays. Lost is moving into this year's "Alias" slot.

More ABC stuff )

The WB axed "Jack and Bobby," renewed "Charmed." "The Gilmore Girls" are back, "Everwood's" moving to Thursdays. "Smallville" will be on at the same time as "Alias."

More WB stuff )

CBS is tomorrow. It's not looking good for Joan. It'll be Joan or Amy, likely. Amy Acker, Dennis Haysbert and Scott Foley's "The Unit" got a pickup,  Alyson Hannigan's comedy "How I Met Your Mother," and Christian Kane's "American Crime" have been picked up. Also, Fox has leaked that Kitchen Confidential and Bones (with David Boreanez) are on the schedule. 24 got a 2 year deal. 

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So, the schadenfreunde is official, Dick Wolf's first francise to meet an early demise is L&O:Trial by "Who cares?"

More TV news )



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Next week is "Upfront Week," when the networks reveal their upcoming schedules. It's when we, the viewing public find out which pilots got picked up, and which "on the bubble shows" get renewed or dropped. Of course, even before that happens, a few choice tidbits leek out, these are usually unofficial, but, generally strong indicators.

Here's the latest on shows that a few of my gentle readers might be interested in: but would likely prefer were hidden in cut )

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... has a premiere date. June 8, at 8:00 (central and Mountain). It's on Fox.

This is the new Tim Minear show.

"The Inside" centers on a rookie female F.B.I. agent (Rachel Nichols) in L.A.'s Violent Crimes Unit (VCU) who uses her traumatic past to put herself in the mindset of both the villain and the victim. Jay Harrington, Nelsan Ellis, Adam Baldwin, Katie Finneran and Peter Coyote also star.

It's also produced by Brian Grazer and David Nevins with Jane Espenson serving as a co-executive producer. And, Fury'll be in the mix on the back 6 eps. The tone is on the dark and disturbing side, just to mention it.
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I just watched the season finale. This show just gets better. UPN is running reruns over the summer. People, you should be watching this show. I understand it will be on DVD in the next month or so. If you can't watch the re-runs Netflix this winner.


I love this show. And that finale was awesome. With a small side of cruel.
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