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The theme will, in fact, be:

Here are the broad scheduling strokes:

11:00 AM Profit: "Heroes"
12:00 PM Wonderfalls: "Muffin Buffalo
1:00 PM Dexter: "Pilot"
2:00 PM *Supernatural TBA
3:00 PM 24: Season 5 hour 1
4:00 PM Weeds: "Pittsburgh" / Nurse Jackie: "Pilot"
5:00 PM Dinner break (With special out of state guests)
6:00 PM House TBA
7:00 PM Angel "Reunion"
9:00 PM "Dead Like Me: "The Ledger"
10:00 PM BSG: "Six Degrees of Seperation"
11:00 PM Xena: TBA

Of course, subject to change. I tried to break up the more serious and dark shows with lighter fare. It's come and go, as you like, there will be trivia and bingo and 
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 I'm working on a theme for this year,  but just so everyone saves the date, Slayerfest 2010 will be Saturday, May 29. If you have ideas for a theme, please throw something out there....

Dinner will be served, and we'll have extra special, and extra cute, dinner guests in the form of my nephews, who will be bringing their parents  over for some skewered treats. 
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I posted this in Facebook, but, I'd meant to post it here first, and forgot.

Come Saturday, May 23rd for the annual ECKAS! (Eeek-Ass!) (Event Commonly Known as Slayerfest). There will be trivia, and food, and

This year, the theme, is sorta a Potpourri. It's the remainder of last year's episodes, plus award winning episodes. Some episodes I've not yet picked, so, they're as TBA for now. Dinner will be provided, [livejournal.com profile] srotu27  and I are co-hosts.

Here's the schedule, which might yet change in the next day or so:

11:00 AM Battlestar Galactica: "33" (Hugo Winner)
12:00 PM X-Files: Small Potatoes (TV Guide's top 100 episodes)
1:00 PM Buffy the Vampire Slayer: "Conversations with Dead People" (Hugo Winner)
2:00 PM Lost "Walkabout" (Emmy Nominee)
3:00 PM Angel "The House Always Wins"
4:00 PM Joan of Arcadia "Double Dutch"
5:00 PM Alias "Truth Be Told"
6:00 PM Dinner break
7:00 PM Twin Peaks, Pilot (TV Guide's top 100 episodes)
9:00 PM Firefly: The Message (Hugo Nomination)
10:00 PM Simpsons: Krusty gets Kancelled / Crepes of Wrath (TV Guide's top 100 episodes)
11:00 PM Doctor Who: Blink (Hugo Winner)
I have a few "extras" that will get played late, if people are still up for it.

Everyone is invited, e-mail me if you need directions to mi casa.

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It's traditionally right around the corner!

Maybe I need to have it as a charity benefit this year. Or postpone it? I dunno. 

I'd probably use the stuff we didn't watch last year, and maybe add a few extra episodes for "safety" (and do a better job for trivia than I did last year, in which I failed, really) .

Any thoughts?
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I think this is likely to be counted as one of the best Slayerfests, despite the, uh, propane debaucle. 

I started the day with breakfast, and we had a crowd of 18, with "special guests," and   it was a very good way to start the day. I ran home, and put some finishing touches on things, and soon had guests. 

For each episode, those present talked about each episode, and what they liked, and it was a good discussion, not only of the stuff shown, but, of TV in general. For those that weren't there, I'm going to mention each of the choices I made, and why I made them,   
On the trivia front, Kevin and Rhiannon were the big winners. For third place,  [personal profile] arwensouthand  [profile] de_gonzactake the honors. (The prize fairy will be visiting).

Anyway, all-in-all, a good day. 

Oh! BTW: I'm considering moving the event-commonly-known-as-Slayerfest to, well, November. Any thoughts on this?
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Originally, I'd planned to default to my standard event-ending meal, which is "Stake your Own" dinner, in which I have a broad selection of cut meats, veggies, etc for people to skewer and season (with things from Lemon Pepper to Barbeque sauce) for grilling. An easy thing to do after a long weekend of hosting.

Now, I'm wondering if that's boring.

I'm entertaining the following thoughts: 1) Leave it alone, I think too much 2) having some of the meat selections marinated in a variety of ways, and having a wider variety of veggies.  3) doing something more like the "opening night" meal, with all the usual wide selection of items with big honking sticks in them.  

There are numerous reasons why number 3 is the most cumbersome, not the least of which is that it's at least a two-hour cooking challenge (more if its just me, and, no, that doesn't include prep time in advance), with the oven and grill (and sometimes microwave) going, and usually some mad chafing dish cookery (steamed stuff! and stuff!)   

Mostly, I'm thinking if we 86 the more cumbersome options, I can put away a ton of extra decorations and take the leaves out of the table, keeping it in the normal, "non-slayerfest" configuration.

Votes? Thoughts? Tirades?
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I'm in the process of preparing a demo set of the Buffy game to send to [profile] 1oldmanfan, and discovered that my trivia card file died. I have the other cards (monsters, locations, and watcher/plot cards), but the trivia card file is missing (yes, I do have a backup, no, it's not really accessible. long story.) I have the trivia questions, just not the formatted file.

So, I'm recreating it. 
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So, I've had a mere 7 responses to my little poll. There are a number of odd little surprises, more on those soonish, but, there was also an interesting little inspiration. My "haggis-on-a-stick" suggesting friend suggested Buffy BatHotH. (That's Betrayal at the House on the Hill). It *would* lend itself well to a Buffy flavored expansion, and wouldn't be too hard to create a handful of scenarios, and Buffy stat-ed player characters. Might be fun. Anyone want to help?

It also started me thinking about possibly "Buffy-izing" a few more games, just 'cause. We've (I've) never played the CTC, though I own several decks of it. (dirt cheap off e-bay).  Mythos gets played, as does the trivia game, but, it sorta stops there. I'm thinking of maybe a Buffy version of "Get out" (Monopoly done right), or Buffy "Life" (I don't own a copy, and am not likely to, but, it's commonly re-licensed for different things, so you get the idea. Anyone have a game they're dying to see in Buffy form? Am I insane? (the answer, is a resounding "yes," of course.)

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For those that might be unaware of this grand and glorious event, here's the reader's digest description: Over Memorial Day weekend, I plan to host  my traditional marathon of slayer related viewage and activities. On Friday nights, we usually do Buffy-related games, and dinner is served. I try to make the weekend accessible for newbies as well as the devoted fan. On Saturday and Sunday, I usually schedule specific "main event" episodes so that people with less available time could depend on specific viewing times. We skipped it last year, by vote of those in attendance. We've done Buffy top 10, Angel top 10, and various other things. There is also usually trivia, and lots of Scooby Snacks, etc. Dinner is also serv ed to close us out on Monday.

To help with planning, I've set up a poll at http://www.k8space.com/stuff/slayerfest07.html.

If you could please take a few moments to take the little poll, and help make Slayerfest even better, I’d be very grateful. As always, there will be food, folks, trivia, bingo, prizes, and Bloody Williams.

Oh, and, the USPS has gone Lucas. Stamps *and* Star Wars? If you're not exhausted after voting for Slayerfest, vote for your favorite SW stamp. I did. The "Jedi Mailing Master?" test thing? Ridiculously easy.
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well, in my mind anyway. I'm so far behind in the planning. So, while I can't do any work on it right now, or, I will never finish the non-paying, "painfully-tedious" game-writing project I've got to get done by Saturday. (and there will probably be more to it after that point, which I don't really want to talk about.).

Anyway, I'm posting this for discussion purposes, hoping to get ideas for this year's 'fest. I may work out the normal survey, but, I've not had time yet.

So, here're my quick-ish thoughts:

I'm thinking I will pick up the "reader's digest" track from where we left off last year, if no one objects. We left off maybe a third of the way through the Buffy/Angel saga.

Skip the "main event" episodes? Or take a vote again? Or decide on the fly (this might make trivia harder for me, unless, in the moment, like last year, we just went on with the marathon)?

Um. Recommendations? Random thoughts? Special food requests?

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So, Slayerfest went really well this weekend, possibly among the best so far.  During the course of the weekend, a total of 37 episodes were viewed (this was a record number, we touched 7 of the 12 seasons), the Chosen extra features were viewed, and for the first time in Slayerfest history, there were no Friday night dinner leftovers. (Well, a few shrimp, and some mushrooms, but, nothing substantial, and 1 skewer of Indonesian chicken.) Many, many thanks to [profile] bryree for his help with the cooking on Friday.

Bingo seemed to be a pretty good idea, but, probably needs a bit of tweeking. 

More than one person did the level 3 trivia questions this year, which was a nice change. I'm still patiently waiting for a time when *someone* does more than look at the Impossible level with fear and cold sweats. Well, someone besides Perlick, who still opted for the more reasonable level 4 questions.

[profile] thedragonweaver and [profile] badjeebus hopped the train back home this morning. Yesterday, it was just us, which was fine, and we had a dandy time, but, made me again ponder whether Monday is a good idea or just *too* much. The fly in this ointment is that for 2 of the four years, it's been one of the better attended nights.  I have *so* many leftover snacks.

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So, Slayerfest starts *tomorrow* and, I'm so behind. I'm going to have the dinner outside so that we can free up inside tables for games. If the people who arrive on Friday night are not interested in games, we may just plunge ahead to the watching of the show. 

The new job is going fairly well. The people are very nice, the work's, well, not terrible exciting. It's not difficult. Most of the time, I feel mostly like an overglorified secretary. But, maybe that's because I've not yet seen all the things I'm supposed to be doing. Afterall, it's only been a week, right?

Anyway. So, between work and Slayerfest, I'm not doing a whole lot else. Sorry I've been, sorta, incommunicado.

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I'm meeting with my boss tomorrow, and the agenda is my contract, benefits, and, most importantly, *when* I can expect to get a check.

I had a phone interview last week, and one today. So, whatever happens, there's a light at then end of the tunnel, and I *will* have a paycheck. Hopefully, before the unemployment well runs dry. Which is soon.

I did get a few more Slayerfest votes, and the people have spoken. The marathon will be: (I almost feel like there should be a drumroll...)

Buffy and Angel: The highlights! Run through the story of the televised Buffyverse in 56 episodes! (Although, we'll probably only get through half that.) It was hard to pick the episodes that could tell the story. It boiled down to 36 Buffy episodes, and 20 Angel episodes.

The special event episodes will be: (this one seems to be okay without a drumroll. Go fig.) Buffy vs. Hollywood.

Anyway, I'll post the details soon. Oh! And I'm thinking of having tuna/wasabi skewers this year, but, am afraid that I won't find good tuna steaks in this state. Any ideas on this?

I'm probably going to do the Friday night as G&C again this year, with the Buffy games. Unless everyone hated that.

The last week or so, I've been pretty unproductive, and I'm sorta feeling guilty about doing a journal update instead of work. It's been hard to be motivated to work, hopefully, it'll be better after tomorrow. There's another retreat on Saturday, and I hope it's as good as the last one. It's already better in my book, since it's not in Outer Smongolia Aurora, but, rather at Regis. Woot!

I guess that's it for now. I should go to bed. My dad's coming up tomorrow.
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I'm watching Bones tonight, waiting for Veronica Mars, and the victim in the cold open was identified by a surgical pin. As they said this, I realized, "Wow. Should I die without ID, the little pin remaining in my ankle will identify me." Good to know.  No need for me to write my SSN on my skin, or outdated dental records, I'm already tagged. Here's hoping I won't be found dead with no identification. Oh, and, the episode is set in the sewers. I kept waiting for Buffy to show up, or some oozing monster. Huh.

I've only gotten 3 surveys back for Slayerfest. There was one suggestion I really liked, and it was to pick up the series where we left off last year. I like this especially since, well, it means less work for me on trivia, which is where a good chunk of the work lies.  With 3 voters, I've got *less* clarity on the "spotlight" episodes than I did before. If you've not voted, I'm going to post this again, but, I'm going to need to figure it out, well, soonish, I think. http://www.living-stories.com/stuff/slayerfest06.html.

The DSL might finally be fixed. It only took about a month, and 7 home visits, and a million calls. This time, they removed 2000 feet of unused cable.

Life affirms itself.  Welcome to Liam. Yay! 

Good to see [personal profile] toosuto, even under tragic circumstances. 

I'm finding it hard to stay motivated to get work done right now.  I'm also having moments of doubt, again, about this job. 

I'm hungry. 

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For those at points far away, and those that are interested, here's a run down of the events of Slayerfest. It'd be cool to hear others' thoughts about the weekend in general, as I'm contemplating potential changes for next year.

Slayerfest '05 )


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