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I've got a falling ceiling filled with mold in my bedroom, but, today I am being grateful that I have a house at all, and that the insurance and mortgage is paid.
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Wednesday is date night, which is essentially an internet-enhanced MST3K-ing of Ghost Hunters with my sister in Iowa. Fun stuff. A bright spot in any week.

I also managed to get a bunch of data entry done for the site, so, yay!
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Today, I got to talk to both my nephews on the phone. The older of the two sang "London Bridge is falling down" to me, and the younger giggled.

In other news, I am doing data entry, trying to get all the cemeteries I've done into the online system. Much easier now than it had been. If you'd like to see for yourself what I've been working on, with the help of [profile] ng_nighthawk , go see http://search.colorado-cemeteries.com. Use "brinkerhuff" as a search term.

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So, it may seem like I'm a broken record, but, the "heavy lifting" on the PHP stuff for the site has now been completed. Again, thanks to the generosity and knowledge of Mr. [profile] ng_nighthawk , whose experience got the big stuff wrapped up this evening. There's some cosmetic work to do, and some data entry, but, it'll be ready for its promised launch time. YAY!
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Let's see. Today was sorta low key. I got a lovely dinner and visiting with [profile] ng_nighthawk  and [profile] rg_rothko  and clan. I'm definitely getting the better end of this deal, for, tomorrow, we finish up the last bits of the PHP.

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Today, my youngest sister told me she was going to try Twin Peaks, which pleased me, and I'm going to send her my copy of the pilot, so, she can watch the series and not be more lost than necessary.  I re-watched it today to more accurately describe the point she needs to stop the tape. It was fun.

Good night of game. On the way home, I stopped to get a mailer for sending the pilot tape, and in the office supply aisle, discovered my favorite manufacturer of writing pens had a set of 4 pens in 4 different colors than they usually sell. Office supplies make me very happy. I am nearly ashamed to admit this, but, me, who doesn't really write fan letters of any kind (fewer than 5 in my life, not counting about 20 Save Angel postcards), sent one to this company on behalf of these pens. The colored ones in question were $8 for a pack of four. Ridiculous. But, I've been wanting to have a few colored pens helping mekeep track of things on a project. I stood there for probably 10 minutes, as $8 is pretty spendy, and being unemployed, well, yeah.

In the end, I bought them because they made me happy.  At some level, this is my favorite thing that happened today, and the minute I got home, the package got ripped open, and I'm now trying them out. I love them. Yay!
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This is for Friday, and totally counts 'cause I've not gone to bed yet. Today was an all around good day.

My good pal [profile] ng_nighthawk , swooped in with a cape, and superpowers, and saved my PHP bacon, sanity, and all that. The search engine-y part is working now. Still needs some tweaking, but, it feels pretty glorious, and I've got some more work to do on it, but, bless him.

Also, my federal rerun got deposited today.

And, there was birthday cake, good friends, and raspberry sauce.

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So here's the skinny:

Rules are:

1. Post about something that made you happy today, even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this every day for eight days.
3. Tag eight of your friends to do the same

I've decided it's a good thing to cultivate gratitude, and, coincidentally was tagged for this one, so, it seems a lovely synchronicity. 

Today was a bit of a roller coaster, but, I did get my state refund in my account today, so, I could pay bills. Yay!


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